Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bestbrook ~ The Setting

We've been out exploring South East Queenslands, Granite Belt Country. During our time out that way we stayed at Bestbrook Mountain Resort.

A stunning country setting, with rustic cabins, camping grounds, bunk house style accommodation and a large main coach house area with a bar, cafe and games room.

The rustic style cabins are scattered throughout the large property. Some having direct creek access and others further away on small hill tops over looking the entire farm stay area.

This gives you a good idea as to just how spread out things are here at Bestbrook, which is fabulous for some beautiful peace and quiet. Not once did we hear any noise from surrounding cabins or campers.

However to check out anything on the farm is a pretty decent walk and in all honesty we drove pretty much everywhere. The kids all had their push bikes, thanks to the generosity of a friend transporting them out there for us. So they peddled everywhere, with sore and tired muscles on every inch of their body by the end of the week.

A view from the deck of one of the cabins that has direct creek access. You can also see how far away your closest cabin actually is. Just across the creek is the camp ground. I suppose in busy times you would probably get some noise coming from there.

Each cabin has a fire pit of some description. You did need to take your own wood or purchase from the coach house. There is absolutely no fossicking for wood allowed on the property.

Jump across the creek, or drive around on the gravel road and you find the camp ground. This area is quite isolated from the main coach house area of the farm stay. But perfect for those just wanting to get away from it all.

There isn't much in the way of facilities over in the camp ground, apart from port a loo's (showers are further back up the hill) and a rustic outdoor covered area.

However there is plenty of room, mostly flat ground and several trees to grab some shade over your structure.

Gap Creek itself, which runs directly through Bestbrook is quaintly picturesque. We were told that it was very low during our stay and some areas were completely dry, but in others there still seemed to be quite a bit of water....enough for a spot of yabby fishing anyway.

Butterflies and Dragonflies proliferate the edges of the creek banks. They are such busy little creatures, getting a shot of one was certainly very trying. No point chasing them, it's definitely a case of sit still and wait for them to come to you.

Bestbrook has several horses and a hand full of farm animals. From my understanding this is not a working farm, but purely a tourist destination so apart from riding horses, they only have a handful of other farm animals.

The owners are also keen collectors of farming implements and there are several of these scattered around the main coach house area.

The main coach house sits atop the hill at the entrance to Bestbrook, and looks out over the property below.

The verandah area is a lovely spot to sit for an afternoon beverage or to enjoy some Eggs Benedict from the cafe inside at breakfast.

You can just see the kids in the pool from here too!

The pool is a great addition I think, as inviting as the creek was, all the kids found it rather chilly.

Inside the coach house you will find a well stocked bar, again decorated with all manner of farm implements and antique bits and pieces.

The coach house is a series of rooms, with seating available in each of them. With the very far room tucked away as a games room area.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Bestbrook Mountain Resort. All of the staff were extremely friendly and welcoming to both adults and children alike.

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