Monday, February 8, 2016

High Tea @ Devon Pixies

Over the weekend my daughter and I were invited to celebrate her friends 12th Birthday with a High Tea lunch at Devon Pixies.

Devon Pixies is a quaint little tea room situated just outside the town of Logan Village on the south side of Brisbane.

Whilst they don't really offer the fanciness and elegance you would come to expect from an inner city tea room. Given the pricing it is a lovely little place to visit for an inviting lunch with friends.

As this was a 12th Birthday things were slightly different to your regular high tea option. The room was totally 'glammed' out  with all things pink and girly. It really looked very lovely and as you entered the building it was the first space your eye was drawn too.

As there were both adults and children in attendance they catered to both groups, which was rather lovely. The platters held a small array of hot food items, mixed sandwiches and sweets.

Now I'm a dessert lover but I have to say that the sweets here are beyond sweet. I'd love to see one of the options for the desserts to be just slightly less, well ..... sweet! Possibly a muffin or slice of cake, just to cut through the intense sugar filled choices.

Whilst the platters aren't brimming with food, no one left hungry, there was certainly enough to fill our tummy's for lunch.

This is my second visit here and I'd love to see the customer service getting a little make over, it's not that it is terrible but I do feel a little training could go a long way.

After lunch and a couple of games the girls got down and silly with all of the hats and dress up paraphernalia. They have a couple of large hat stands brimming with bits and pieces, the girls had a blast mucking about and taking silly pics.

Thanks again to our delightful friends for inviting us along, we had a lovely few hours together and the Birthday girl was all smiles so I think she was happy and that's what matters.

Location: Logan Village
Parking: Plentiful
Bookings: Yes you need to book in advance
Pricing: A standard high tea is $27
Website: Devon Pixies Tea Room

Happy Travels,

** I was not compensated in anyway for this piece. Just sharing another little adventure with you.

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