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So I'm starting this blog on a whim really! I already blog very sporadically over at Our Worldwide Classroom about our adventures with Home Education. I've often blurred the lines over there posting about our family holidays and various other non 'schooly' topics.

I woke up today and thought, you know, a little place just for me to write about the things that I enjoy would be rather nice. Purely selfish really, not about anyone else just me, all me! My simple pleasures.

So who knows how this will go but I have visions of sharing our travel adventures, both close to home and afar! Well I can dream that I will make it to exotic far away lands one day can't I!

I enjoy reading and would spend many hours each day with my nose in a book if I could. I also participate in a great little book club with some very lovely gals. Every time I close a book I've enjoyed I've thought about writing a little about it but I've never really had anywhere to share that so this place will be as good as any.

Who knows I might even write about food, I do enjoy it you see, although I'm no cook and I'm not afraid to admit that. But I can certainly enjoy a great meal or two that's for sure!

Really anything that takes my fancy you may very well see here. You won't find amazing photographs, whilst I love to take them, actually spending the time to learn how to use my camera properly is one of my plans for retirement, well at least when the kids are off my hands anyway! We all have to have something to look forward don't we? Nor will the writing be exquisite either, so please no Grammar Police.

The photo's that I do share will no doubt be contributed by the entire family, we all seem to enjoy this pastime which is great until you come home from five days away on an interstate holiday with literally 1000's of photo's to sort through.

At times I may also just ramble on about not much of anything, but this is my space to do with what I please. All I ask is that you simply enjoy this space for what it is, not what you hope or think it should be........exactly how I TRY to live my life.

In simple pleasures you will find life's treasures,
Kylie xx

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