Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Otways ~ The Otway Treetop Walk

The Great Otway National Park has got to be one of the most stunning natural places to visit in Australia. We only had but a day to see as much of this spectacular area as we could. Let's just say that we will most definitely head back to that region of our world. It is purely magical.

Heading to Ballarat was a last minute decision. My husband had to head down for work for a few days and he suggested we all tag along. Normally I would say no, but this time I ignored all reason and said yes!

We did have a fabulous few days exploring Ballarat and in another spur of the moment decision, we decided that we could absolutely tackle The Otways and The Great Ocean Road in a little over a day. Some may call us mad and it certainly was a whirlwind visit but I am so very glad we made the decision we did.

We headed straight for the Otway Fly Treetop Adventures, this was kind of out of the way considering our very limited time frame but we made the mad dash anyway.

Unfortunately we just didn't have the time to undertake the fly. I'd have to say though that zip lining through this magnificent place would be awesome so if you are in the area be sure to allow plenty of time to fit that in.

We did however, have just enough time to fit in a wander through the Treetop Walk. They suggest this takes approximately 1 hour. You could most definitely do it in less time but it would be a rush and the pure tranquility of this place simply begs you to spend more time there.

After a brief dirt road stroll through the rainforest you arrive at the first section of the mighty steel structure. This thing is huge. In fact it is the longest and tallest of its kind in the world.

With a massive cantilever section that juts straight out into the forest canopy and a 45 metre spiral tower that truly takes your breath away; because by the time you are at the top you are so damn dizzy you can barely breath from walking around in circles! Hehehe, ok so it isn't really that bad but it is some set of stairs I will say that much.
The vegetation is simply stunning. I adore the way in which both the ground level and higher walkways have all been designed to allow you to be completely immersed in the vegetation without actually harming any of it.

Be sure to look up as you walk, there are some pretty spectacular views of the Treetop Walk structure.

Of course there is always one crazy in every family selfie. Isn't there?!

This gives you a good overview of the area, the walkways and the Treetop Walk itself. I know I've already said it but this is most definitely worth a visit.

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