Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Berry Patch ~ Chambers Flat

It's berry season! You gotta love a good strawberry, especially one picked straight from the patch. Tart, but sweet, juicy, large and utterly delicious!

We went Strawberry picking this past week with a few of our homeschool buddies.

We did well in our day of choice, a beautiful blue sky, perfect for some time down at the patch.

The Berry Patch is in easy reach, situated at Chambers Flat, so quite close to Logan central and those in the far north Gold Coast district.

Whilst the patch that the public has access to isn't overly massive there were more than enough berries for those of us that were there.

In fact the kids had filled their punnets within minutes.

They were eager to head off to the small store and cafe to grab a strawberry ice cream!

They certainly pack in a variety of lovely looking, relatively local gourmet food products.  We grabbed a bottle of honey to take home and try.

But we could've chosen anything from jams, to macaroons, juice or even soaps. And I'm sure there were several other little items that we didn't notice on the shelves too.

On the other side of the store a chilled cabinet holds a small range of dairy items, sandwiches and cold drinks. Coffee and hot drinks are also available for purchase.

All of our mouths were ajar after spotting the choc dipped strawberries. Seriously they must scour the patch for the biggest juiciest berries. These were absolutely ginormous.

But of course it was the strawberry ice cream that we had entered the store for. Ice cream is what is it all about. They use frozen strawberries mixed in with a vanilla ice cream, to produce these babies. They were a pretty decent size but at $5 a pop I would hope there were going to be large.

The kids loved them, for me I felt they didn't contain enough actual strawberries, so they didn't pack that real strawberry flavoured punch that I was hoping for. Maybe a couple of fresh strawberries on top or in the bottom of the cup would've been a nice added surprise!

Whilst you don't need a great deal of time here, there's nothing quite like eating fruit that you have picked yourself and I must say that they certainly were some of the tastiest strawberries we've had this season.

Check out The Berry Patch on facebook.


  1. What a great strawberry patch! We didn't have time to get our plants in after we moved - so no fresh strawberries this year :( A commercial patch would have been just the thing.

    1. Yes we are very lucky to have this one close enough to us! We're heading back next week for more hand picked berries. Thanks for stopping by.


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