Friday, July 17, 2015

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo

Just this past week I took the kids to see the pupperty of Erth's Dinosaur Zoo, here at our local Entertainment Centre.

I was well aware that it seemed to be aimed at the younger crowd but figured at $10 a ticket (we got a group rate as we went with friends) we would take our chances.

The entire show is only about one hour in length and included roughly five different types of dinosaurs. Being here in Australia we got the authentically Australian version with all dinosaurs being from our continent.

The puppetry is simply amazing and my iphone photo's don't these creations justice at all. Yes the average age of the audience was about five, but you know what this show is most definitely suitable for older kids, especially if they like dinosaurs.

The information shared is not dumbed down, but it is presented in a fun and light mannered way so the children don't even realise they are getting a lesson on Australian Dinosaurs.

The only comment our group of adults did make was that we'd love to see a slightly longer version, with more puppets, covering more Dinosaurs in greater detail but aimed at the older crowd.

I've just been browsing the Erth website, they have some very cool creations going on over there!

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