Friday, January 16, 2015

The Death Cure

Well for certain there is only one cure for the Flare, and my golly gosh what an awful lot these teenagers must endure in the hopes of finding that elusive cure.


Stop reading now , spoilers to follow, not too much though I really hate when book reviews do that too me.

I particularly enjoyed how The Maze was woven back into the story here. Tying that up helped to clear up a portion of the questions that had arisen regarding specific details about the maze itself. Little by little more answers to that ever growing list of questions are forthcoming. But don't think you're getting all of your questions answered, there is a great deal left unsaid and this is pretty darn frustrating to say the least.

Once again there are what seems an insurmountable number of obstacles that need to be overcome by these kids. They are constantly staring death right between the eyes, losing more and more people around them.

Whilst I still stick to how I felt in regards to character development as mentioned in my thoughts on the first book, by the end of the third I had made definite connections with many of them. Feeling genuine sorrow whilst being the innocent bystander watching on as they lost friends along the way.

I have to admit that there was a part of me that really did not want to enjoy yet another damn teen novel!! But enjoy this I did. From beginning to end I could not put down this trilogy. Yes it had some obvious flaws but Dashner certainly knows how to spin a great tale and let's face it, not all of us have that ability.

I loved watching the relationships grow between the characters, their twists and turns. The devastating loss of friendship, but not just added for shock value but because it truly adds to the story telling and the development of the plot itself.

Let's hope that Dashner does not let us down with the prequel in regards to filling in some more of those gaps, with The Kill Order.

Once again I found this novel rather violent and it probably affected me more so because the violence occurs amongst the humans. Call me a sissy but I don't cope so well with that. As a parent of a fairly sensitive 13 year old I'll be trying to hold off for a bit on handing this trilogy over to him. There's just a tad too much over zealous violence for my liking.... but I guess we can say that about a great deal of what we expose to our kids to these days.

Did you catch my thoughts on The Maze Runner or The Scorch Trials? Have you read this trilogy? I'd love to hear from you if you have.

In simple pleasures you will find life's pleasures,
Kylie xx

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