Friday, January 2, 2015

Storm Chasing

I love storms!

Well actually maybe I should rephrase that a little. I love storms only if they aren't horrifically bad and only if my dear husband is home. If there's a whopper brewing and he isn't here you can bet I am on that blower texting him to get his butt home ASAP. Meanwhile I'll be putting on the mummy brave face for the kidlets whilst I'm shaking in my boots hoping to God that nothing major happens.

So yeah I do love storms. The way the temperature drops, the wind picks up and the smell of the rain on the air, it sure gets those senses going.

I follow a few Storm Chasers on facebook, those guys are freaky cool, the images they capture are totally amazing. Truly a storm in all its fury is Mother Nature at her best. Even just catching an image of a storm front heading our way is something I have longed for but they have always eluded me.

Until this particular afternoon in December late last year, this little beauty was headed right for us at the perfect angle and yes my dear husband was home so all I had to think about was taking the pictures, bless his soul!

She was a fast moving beast though and I didn't even have time to fetch my real camera so the iPhone snap it had to be. It has definitely left me wanting more though, so bring on those summer storms I say, bring them on.

In simple pleasures you'll find life's treasures,
Kylie xx

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