Thursday, January 29, 2015

Family Heirlooms ~ Tea Set

Don't you love gorgeous tea sets!

There are so many stunningly beautiful designs out there and vintage sets are even more to die for.

Owning and displaying some of these beauties has been on my wish list for a few years now. I feel like I've been getting some of my little girl groove back, in wanting to hold delightful tea parties with friends.

Only I never expected to be starting my gorgeous collection via such a sad occasion for our family.

Today I share with you a tea set that was my husband's Great Grandmothers. It travelled from the UK to Australia some thirty odd years ago with my husband's Grandparents.

It is my understanding that this set is somewhere around 90 years of age but I need to spend some time doing more research to be certain on that.

Late last year my husband's Grandmother passed away at 89 and his Grandfather was unable to stay in their home on his own. So he his nearby us in a great care home and we see him at least fortnightly, if not weekly.

It was with honour that I took possession of the tea set and it sits proudly on display in my husband's Grandparents wall unit. The same wall unit that the tea set has been housed in for many years.

This is truly one of the loveliest vintage tea sets I have seen to date and whilst I know it would make way for some remarkable tea parties this little piece will be staying firmly planted as a display item only.

It makes me smile every time I look at it and whilst I've had it on display for close to six weeks now I still find myself standing in front of it and admiring it on daily basis.

So whilst my I have my lovely delightful tea set I am still on lookout for another, but this time one I can actually use and start having those little tea parties.

In simple pleasures you will find life's treasures,
Kylie xx

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