Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ballarat ~ Steak House

The Ballarat Steakhouse is definitely a gem of a find and a must visit for lovers of a superbly cooked steak.

On this particular day we had spent a large portion of it wondering the streets of nearby Sovereign Hill and so the kids and adults alike were all a little weary and shaggy looking. I had seen the steakhouse mentioned a few times in my travels so thought we should try and check it out.

Being a steakhouse as the name suggests we figured it would be pretty casual, so we chose not to book and simply rocked up straight from a day out. We were a little surprised to say the least, whilst the building itself is quite small and unobtrusive from the outside. Inside it is masquerading as a slightly upper end dining experience, no beer garden here that's for sure!

After a brief glance at each other hubby and I decided to go for it anyway, ignoring how shabbily presented we all were. Apart from the waitress that seated us and took our meal orders being sightly curt, we enjoyed our quick dining experience here.

Hands down I had the BEST steak I have ever had, it was sumptuous, melt in your mouth and cooked to perfection. I chose a prawn skewer and baked potato for sides. I must say a small salad would've been nice and had I known that I wouldn't receive any greens with my meal I probably would've ordered one.

There is a great deal more to their menu than steak, the kids all enjoyed a yummy, large Caesar salad and we all left with very full tummy's and satisfied taste buds. Thanks Ballarat Steak House!

In simple pleasures you will find life's treasures,
Kylie xx

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