Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tangalooma Sunsets

We recently snatched a few days away and headed to Tangalooma Island Resort, which is situated on Moreton Island, just off the waterways of Brisbane.

If you're a lover of great sunsets then Moreton is a must do. Every day gave us a spectacular show of glimmering, gorgeous light.

The withering rusty old wrecks make a simply stunning backdrop with an equally beautiful sunset.

Ships abound through this stretch of water as it is a main thoroughfare for traveling to and from Brisbane.

All of us were inspired to pick up a camera, night after night as we sat and watched the sun setting. Yes, there may have a million midgies trying to eat us alive but still the views were mesmerising.

These photographs are our family collective, each and every one of us has a hand in taking these.

And with sunsets so stunning you are pretty much guaranteed to get some great shots.

Happy Travels,

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