Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Best Of All Lookout ~ Springbrook

The Best OF All Lookout Springbrook

We spent the recent long weekend exploring one of our beautiful national parks here on the Gold Coasts hinterland. Springbrook National Park and what a treasure it is.

Of course when exploring we are always keen to see the local lookouts and the Springbrook area has no shortage of them.

We actually only noticed the signage to The Best Of All Lookout whilst driving to Canyon Lookout so on our return we decided to take the brief side tour to check it out.

Considering we did scoff at the name, I mean seriously, who names a lookout the best of all? So of course we needed to know if it really did live up to its name.

Springbrook National Park

It was very close to dark on our first visit and the area was receiving wind gusts of up to 30km so we made a quick mad dash to the lookout, whilst we froze our tooshies off. We had a quick look, took a couple of snaps and vowed to return the following day to inspect the stunning little walk more closely.

Gold Coast Hinterland Walks

We did just that and whilst the wind had died down the next day, the weather was overcast and showery, so it was very cold and dark.

However, it gave the 700 metre return walk a true magical rainforest feel. Low lying cloud cover ensured that there was plenty of mist through the forest.

We were not prepared clothing wise and whilst we did linger a little longer it still wasn't enough to truly enjoy everything this stunning little walk has to offer.

I absolutely wish to return but next time it will be with my tripod and my tracksuit!! The low light simply makes it too difficult not have photo's with some amount of camera shake.

Bush Walks Springbrook

New fern growth was emerging everywhere. I am always in awe of these stunning plants and could sit and look at them for ages.

My daughter and I noticed these tiny little orange fungi growing on a log on our first walk through, it took us a bit of back tracking to find them again on the second visit. Seriously, they were only a few milimeteres in diameter, what a treasure.

This truly is a fabulous walk for families, there is a car park right at the entrance, the path is bitumen the entire way. Absolutely no trudging through any over grown rainforest walks here. However you still have the feel and the experience of a true rainforest walk.

If you haven't done this, put it on your list. It really is so close to the gold coast, just follow the signs down Repeater Station road, off Springbrook Road.

Gold Coast Lookout

The prize at the end of the walk is of course "The Best of All Lookout". It is rather stunning I must say. On a clear day you can see as far as Coolangatta.

Why not do some mountain spotting with the kids. Here you will find Mt Warning, the twin peaks of the Cougals, with Springbrook National park all laid out before you. If you are really lucky you may even see as far south as Byron Bay.

Gold Coast Hinterland Lookout

You know I think they may have come pretty darn close when choosing the name for this lookout.

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  1. That sunset from the lookout is spectacular. I visited here last year just after it had rained and trekked down to a couple of waterfalls in the area. I also walked up to this lookout which does give the most majestic views over the Border Ranges and Mt Warning in NSW.

  2. I would so love to see this lookout on a nice day, it was absolutely freezing when we were there. The Canyon one around the corner is lovely also.


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