Thursday, May 21, 2015


I'm not normally a fan of crime fiction, but this is a marvelous blend of original literature intertwined with psychological thriller.

Lupton had me dizzy with wonder at times, not even vastly aware of where I was within the story that was unfolding.

So as I close the final pages on the story of Tess and Bee I am left wondering, questioning. Ordinarily an ending like this would have me seething at the author but here, it is magic. It allows the reader complete and utter control over not only the ending, but large portions of the narrative.

It did take me quite some time to arrive at this place however. I was decidedly displeased with close to the first half of the book.

You see Bee has rushed to the other side f the world as her sister has gone missing. between the pages of the novel she is telling the story via letters to her missing sister, These are intertwined with the juxtaposition of past and present tense, of real life encounters and imaginations of the mind.

Often I found myself infuriated at this writing style and what I felt were glaring grammatical errors throughout, now have me wondering if they were absolutely deliberate. Simply part of the beauty and originality that is Lupton's prose. I'm not sure I'll ever know.

Through all the craziness and the frantic searching and seeking of answers in regards to what happened to her sister Bee undergoes a momentous self transformation. Or maybe she simply regains a connection with her true self that she has kept hidden within.

So not only is this a story of loss, morals, ethics and that of a senseless crime and a betrayal of trust. It is the story of love, friendship, personal growth and that of finding true understanding of one self.

For that I am glad that Sister has crossed my path.

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