Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ballarat ~ Kryal Castle - Buildings & Grounds

On talking to others about Kryal Castle I have received many mixed reviews. We loved it! It is the first 'theme park' of this kind that we have visited.

Kryal Castle
Driving the Cobblestone Road into the castle.

This is the first time we have done anything as exciting as knights, castles & all things medieval, so for us this was one very cool place to visit.

Of course you simply cannot visit a castle without taking some snaps out front.

This was a Sunday, just after Christmas, the grounds cover quite  a large area so everyone can spread out but still, there was hardly anyone there and given the time of the year I expected it to be quite busy.

Every true castle needs a moat.

It seems that everyone visits Sovereign Hill and then not much else when in Ballarat. Truly there is so much to do in this little city.

The entrance way.

It is little wonder that treasures like Kryal Castle end up closing down all over the place because no one visits them.

Here you meander through the dragon's garden, reading stories, before entering the main area.

There is so much to see here. Every where you turn there is something new to look at, to touch.

The graveyard.

The one let down I must admit is the poor excuse of a cafe. This is very simple food, regular, unhealthy food and it is the only place to eat here. But you know what I forgave them for that because I understand the numbers coming through the gates probably don't warrant any other food outlets.

Shopping and Theatre

This is the quintessential medieval shopping strip and I can only see one person and he is a member of staff.

The herb garden runs along the back of the chapel.

The herb garden is delightful and buzzing with bees.

Playground with child eating dragons.

They have included a small modern playground which is a great stopping off point for anyone with younger children.

I really enjoyed the wandering the streets with all the quirky little buildings and structures.

Photo opportunities abound. I think I could've filled my camera simply with cool architecture snaps.

This is the main arena, before any of the shows have begun. The seating area is covered by shade cloth but it does get a little hot sitting out there.

Looking across to to the other side of the main arena.

Look at their grins, they are about to enter the Lolly Shop.

Yes it is wall to wall of lollies, but to be honest, nothing overly special or different in here, but of course a must do when you have kids in tow.

Inside the chapel. My guess is this is a popular spot for weddings and it would be delightful to be married inside this gorgeous little building.

I have taken far too many photo's to share in just one post so I am going to break Kryal Castle up into a few different posts, so stay tuned for part two.


  1. Loved seeing the photos! We loved our trip there too, we stayed overnight at the castle :) Great post!

    1. oh cool, you stayed there! What were the rooms like? We wondered if they were themed or a standard motel room?


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