Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Heart & Other Black Holes

Book Club pick for March! Clearly, however I am at least twenty years above the target age for this novel.

Now I've never ever been close to feeling suicidal so I can't for a moment begin to even try and fathom what a person experiencing this does actually think and feel but I'm pretty darn confident that lumping together thoughts on what I'm going to eat, or what we are covering in the next physics class with, casually adding in, umm yeah I'd really love to 'off' myself some time soon, isn't quite how it goes.

This is the story of Aysel, an extremely bright, well spoken sixteen year old that's had a pretty rough ride in life. For several reasons she has decided that the world will be a better place without her in it.

Aysel scours obscure websites in search of a suicide partner, until she finds Roman, who also feels the same way about his precious life. Together they make a pact to end their lives together in one months time. This is the story of how that month unfolds.

A topic that is such a difficult one to tackle, a topic that has so many layers and yet for me this story was rather superficial. If you have a spare Sunday afternoon and a couch available you will easily read it in only a couple of hours.

If, as the author intended, this book opens dialogue about depression and suicide then she has done her job and she has done it well. However for me I needed more to fall in love with this story and the characters within the pages.

I simply felt as though I was going through the motions reading this. I wasn't particulaly bored but I was far from enthralled with it. The storyline was very predictable the entire way through but , maybe I completely missed the entire point of it all together. I shall let you make up your own mind on that one.

Reading this did take me back to Jodi Picoult's, The Pact. Now that was a book I enjoyed, even if all of Picoult's books follow quite a predictable pattern. For me it had so much more depth and character development, but that book is not what this post is about.

Thoughts from the Book Club Girls -  the overall vibe was one of lots of potential but didn't really deliver, we were all felt far too old for this story, but overall it wasn't too bad of a read.

Until next time friends.

In simple pleasures you will find life's pleasures
Kylie x

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